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M1n1Cat's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 8 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 45 Points

Cathode Raybots

Channel Flipper Unlocked 7/12/17
5 Points
Defeat the Regular TV crew.
N00Binator Unlocked 7/12/17
5 Points
Kill the N00bs.
67 Deep Sixer 5 Points Defeat the 67 Bots.
Bad Dude 5 Points Defeat the Bad Dudes.
Butt Pincher 5 Points Defeat the HUGE Jerks.
Castle Crusher 5 Points Defeat the Castle Crashers.
Emotikiller 5 Points Kill the NG Emotes.
Evil Slayer 5 Points Defeat the Evil Bosses.
Gang Banger 5 Points Defeat 10 random bosses.
Hate the Game 5 Points Defeat the VG Legends.
Jerk Killer 5 Points Defeat the Jerk Squad.
Killer of Legends 5 Points Kill the legendary characters.
Proletariat 5 Points Defeat the Bourgeois.
Travisty 5 Points Defeat the Travis Bots.
Troll 5 Points Defeat the NG Folks.
Unpatriotic 5 Points Defeat the Patriots.

Medals Earned: 2/16 (10/80 points)


AWAKE() Unlocked 1/5/18
5 Points
Awake from the void!
CHOICE 5 Points You have made a CHOICE
DESTROYED 5 Points Destroy an enemy!
NOT TODAY 5 Points Why bother..
BEAMER 10 Points You have met the BEAMER
EFFICIENT 50 Points Get the best bonus for a level.
THE CYCLE 50 Points Complete the CYCLE!
PERFECT 100 Points Complete the CYCLE at FULL ENERGY!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/255 points)

Seed of Destruction

Master of Time and Space Unlocked 7/12/17
5 Points
Pause the game.
Backfire Unlocked 7/12/17
10 Points
Destroy an enemy by deflecting a projectile at it.
Infertility 5 Points Get a game over.
Drunken Air Show 10 Points Play a custom game with only jets.
Mega Combo 10 Points Get a 20+ combo.
Tankicular Homicide 10 Points Squish a pedestrian by pushing tank over it.
Hanging in There 25 Points Regenerate a total of 10 health bars over the game.
Looking for a Challenge 25 Points Survive 10 minutes in Custom Mode with all units set at maximum intensity.
Toast Master 25 Points Kill 10 enemies with the zeppelin's laser.
Ball Fondler 50 Points Get a score of 10,000 in Grenade Juggler.
Cavalier of Sperm 50 Points Beat story mode.
Evasivivity 50 Points Survive 5 minutes on Missile Crisis.
Pedestrian Devestation 50 Points Get a score of 100 in Pancake Factory.
Seed of Destruction 100 Points Beat story mode on hard.

Medals Earned: 2/14 (15/425 points)

The Blade Overlord

Double Killer Unlocked 9/1/17
5 Points
Deal a Double Hit (2 hits with a single strike)
Just Heating Up Unlocked 9/1/17
5 Points
Reach 10x Multiplier
Triple Basher Unlocked 9/1/17
5 Points
Deal a Triple Hit (3 hits with a single strike)
Apprentice 5 Points Score 5.000 or more in a single match
Full Focus 5 Points Reach 25x Multiplier
Learning the Ropes 5 Points Finish the Tutorial
Newbie 5 Points Reach Level 3
Say Cheese! 5 Points Buy an Avatar
Adept Swordsman 10 Points Score 10.000 or more in a single match
Beginner 10 Points Reach Level 5
Don't Forget to Blink 10 Points Reach 50x Multiplier
My New Look 10 Points Buy a Skin
Penta Crusher 10 Points Deal a Penta Hit (5 hits with a single strike)
Tetra Punisher 10 Points Deal a Tetra Hit (4 hits with a single strike)
Adept 25 Points Reach Level 10
Adrenaline God 25 Points Reach 100x Multiplier
Blade Expert 25 Points Score 20.000 or more in a single match
Hexa God 25 Points Deal a Hexa Hit (6+ hits with a single strike)
Blade Master 50 Points Score 40.000 or more in a single match
Expert 50 Points Reach Level 15
Master 100 Points Reach Level 20
The Blade Overlord 100 Points Score 80.000 or more in a single match

Medals Earned: 3/22 (15/500 points)